Venta La Duquesa is mainly a place for unpredictable events. It is the coincidence of finding the best place to enjoy the attractions of the relationship between a single environment and gastronomy.


Perdiz Venta La Duquesa
Miriam Rodríguez Prieto

Venta La Duquesa is located in Medina Sidonia. A family business that combines two generations, allowing the perfect fusion of traditional cuisine, typical of the area, with touches of art representative of the new kitchen.
La Duquesa cannot be understood without all that surrounds it and gives it meaning. Working with the best local products, among which game meats, both larger and smaller, the well known Retinto beef, and vegetables freshly picked from the orchard of the restaurant.

We transform our environment in aromas, flavors and textures
The influence of the mountain, the forest, the orchard … is felt in our kitchen !!!


Enjoy lounges, outdoor terraces with charm, a place with simple and cozy atmosphere, where social evenings under the stars will be an unforgettable experience. Enjoy your senses and enjoy in good company.